Rose Hip Tea

Rose hip is used for nutritional and medicinal purposes since ancient history. There are archaeological records of its use in the Stone Age. Since the dawn of mankind, people believed that this magical plant could cure lots of medicinal problems. One of these ancient beliefs gave this plant its Latin name, Rosa Canina -  the [...]

Linden Tea

The linden tea is a wonderful and helpful tea. It is used in many countries against colds, headaches and to calm the nervous system. There are different linden trees but they don’t have many differences and the tea has the same properties. How can you get your hands on linden flowers? Well, it is simple. [...]

Yarrow Tea

One of my favorite tea to drink in the morning because of its great healing properties and great effects on the human body. Why do I love this to so much in the morning? Well, simply because it has the magnificent property to heal wounded tissue and to help it recover and it is very [...]

Chamomile Tea

This is an introduction in chamomile tea. This plant is very easy to find, you can find it on the side of the streets, in almost any forest or on plains along flowers and it can even grow in your back yard. This plant has a variety of uses, I will only write a short [...]

Black tea

How does this kind of tea differs from the others? Well, first of all, and this is my favorite, you can replace coffee with black tea. That is because of its great benefits and properties. It tastes good and it is indicated during the winter or a cold season or if you travel to places [...]

Chamomile Tea Recipes

First recipe is for an oil that can be used if you have burns. You need 10g of chamomile that you mix with 1 spoon of alcohol. After that you add 100g of seed oil. The obtained mixture is them warmed in a water bath. You put the bowl with the oil in a bigger [...]

Apple Tea, Peach Tea and Raspberry tea

Summer has passed but a icy cold tea is always welcomed, especially when it tastes good and it’s healthy. Today I want to write down three recipes for delicious fruit teas. Apple tea: Ingredients: 3 cups of boiled water, 4 measures of tea(any tea is fine but i suggest linden tea), 1/3 cup of honey [...]

Two great recipes

A fast article that has two recipes included in them both non related with tea recipes, but useful to all of us I think. First is a natural cure for muscle or joint pain or any rheumatic pain. It also helps when you want to massage someone or just to relax your muscles after a [...]